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Cyber Online Jobs – Telecommute Resumes Secrets

Jobseekers often want to know the difference between a “standard” resume and a telecommute resume. So I have compiled this short article to explain those differences.

1. Telecommute resumes have to stand out.

Recruiters and hiring mangers are flooded with resumes when they list a telecommute job. I spoke to a recruiter that stated he gets between 750 and 1,000 resumes, each day, every time he posts a project. It starts to taper off a little after the third day. So after just three days, he could easily have more than 2,000 resumes to sort through.

Because of this, you absolutely have to have a resume that stands apart from the crowd. I don’t mean that you should add all kinds of clipart and colorful graphics – so don’t go crazy. You should take time to make sure your information is presented in an easy to read and eye-pleasing format. You will need to emphasize your skills, particularly your ability to work independently, and your time management skills.

2. Telecommute resumes are highly scrutinized.

You are competing with people all over the country instead of just local applicants. The telecommuting employer has the “cream of the crop” to choose from. They are going to analyze and make judgments on what they find in your resume.

You have to pay extra attention to spelling and grammar errors. Make sure you aren’t using the word, “I” anywhere on your resume. Pay attention to where you place commas, and remember to end your sentences with a period.

Don’t rely on MS Word to teach you proper grammar, those little green lines look intimidating, but you can make them go away (see below). Instead, refer to a manual such as the Gregg Reference Manual or some online manual.

3. Telecommute resumes have to take the place of you.

The hiring manager is not going to be able to meet you. They may call you for a phone interview, but they will make most of their hiring decision based on your resume alone. You want to make sure to cover everything you think is applicable, and leave off information that isn’t. Read over your resume and think about what impression you will make.

In addition, if you have taken any online certification tests, be sure to add that information. If you belong to professional associations, (like the International Virtual Assistants Association) be sure to note that on your resume. Going the extra mile might make the difference between a regretful e-mail, and “you’re hired.”

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Cyber Online Jobs | My Personal Experience

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If you have some spare time and want to make some extra money online, you are definitely looking for cyber online jobs and the good news is you are in the right place!

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We are experiencing a digital revolution, a revolution that is changing the way we communicate, entertain, learn and even work. Online jobs allow us to live here, work there and earn everywhere!

Cyber online jobs,(also known as telecommuting) refer to any work done remotely using Information and Communication Technology (better known as ICT) to sell products and services to the world.

“Remote” means that you can work from home, hotel, restaurant, bus, car, internet café or elsewhere.

Work remotely through the internet. That´s the clue!

Cyber Online Jobs | Some History

My personal experience about cyber online jobs, started several years ago browsing the internet, hoping to find actual opportunities to make some extra cash. In those days, I had a part time job as an administrative and that´s why I had spare time during the week.

After a long research (trial and error), I finally managed to get some online jobs. No big deal at the beginning, but week after week the business naturally started to grow. I´m not rich of course, but I can say I make some interesting extra bucks. I really believe that if it works for me, it could work for everyone!


Cyber Online Jobs | Old and New

The main differences between online and regular jobs are:

  • Cyber Online Jobs allow you to work from anywhere (you do not need a fixed place of work).
  • Online jobs allow you to work at any time (does not require a fixed work schedule).
  • ICTs are a necessary support tool
  • In most cases, you are your own boss

Cyber Online Jobs | Benefits

Cyber online jobs main benefits are:

  • Access to an unlimited market, a market larger than local or national
  • Large profits
  • No age limit: great for everyone – students, part or even full-time employees, single moms, housewives, retired people, etc…
  • Autonomy (you are your own boss)
  • Spare time to share with your family
  • International relations: with customers and / or employers
  • Easy to avoid adverse weather conditions

Cyber Online Jobs | What Do We Need To Know?

Fortunately, the necessary knowledge to start an online job is minimal. These basic skills are required:

  • Basic PC operation: Using the mouse, keyboard and operating system basics (Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.)
  • Browsing and searching the Internet: may take some days of practice
  • Basic use of e-mail: how to send and receive

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Cyber Online Jobs | Real Opportunities! Real Tips!

Before taking real opportunities, there´s something very important you need to know. There are many opportunities to get an online job on the internet. However, this doesn´t mean that you are going to be rich just like that. Always remember: the harder you work the more you´ll get. It is just as simple as that!

I think you are ready to discover the great opportunities shown above and get some cool Cyber Online Jobs. You have to take action, that´s all. Congrats! and Good Luck! 


Cyber Online Jobs


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